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Health & Safety Information


Fire, Police or Ambulance ext. 32222
(or 0113 3432222 on your mobile)

First Aid in the School: ext. 39696

16 Simple Health & Safety Tips 

If you discover a fire, sound the alarm.

When you hear the fire alarm, leave immediately by the nearest exit.

Before you work, ensure that a risk assessment has been completed.

Report all accidents or incidents to the Safety Team using this form.

Do not eat or drink in laboratories.

Always wear eye protection in the laboratory.

Wear good shoes and a lab. coat when working with chemicals.

Contact the BA team  if a serious chemical spill occurs.

Call ext. 35555 (35494 out of hours) if there is a water or natural gas leak or if the electricity supply fails.

Be aware of and follow the Working Out-of Hours policy.

Before you work with laser equipment, register for training with Radiation Protection Services

Ensure that all electrical equipment has a current PAT sticker attached - if not, request PA testing here.

If you work with computer equipment, complete an on-line DSE workstation assessment on the Britsafe system.

Notify your supervisor if you think you may be pregnant.

Notify your supervisor if you think your work is affecting your health.

Talk to your supervisor or the School Safety Advisor if you have any health and safety concerns.