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Doctoral training programmes

Centres for Doctoral Training

We offer a range of opportunities for doctoral students within Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs).

What is a Centre for Doctoral Training?

CDT programmes are an opportunity for PhD students to study at centres of excellence.

Centres aim to train tomorrow's leading researchers to address science related problems for the benefit of society.

Doctoral Training Programmes (within CDTs) provide structured PhD training.

There is a focus on multidisciplinary challenges in modern science, with groups of doctoral students working as a group in a defined scientific area.

How long does a CDT programme last?

Each programme varies in structure, but usually lasts for four years.

You’ll have opportunities to learn theoretical and experimental skills through lectures and laboratory rotations during the first year.

During the four years, you’ll develop expertise in a particular topic but with the excitement of working in multidisciplinary environments.

If you’d prefer to undertake a standard PhD degree course we offer a number of funded opportunities across a range of disciplines.

Funding for CDT programmes

Each Centre for Doctoral Training offers a number of 4 year funded integrated PhD studentships.

Our Centres for Doctoral Training

Partner Centres for Doctoral Training

Details of all University of Leeds Centres for Doctoral Training can be found on the University website.