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Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Gemma Wildsmith is an ERA-SYNBIO/BBSRC-funded PDRA working with Dr Bruce Turnbull and Mike to develop projects in the area of synthetic glycobiology.

PhD students

Matt Balmforth is a WT-funded PhD student (co-supervised by Bruce Turnbull and Jim Deuchars) working on strategies to adapt cholera toxin for cellular delivery.
Zoe Arnott is a University of Leeds-funded PhD student (co-supervised with Arwen Pearson, Hamburg) working on new strategies to modify proteins for high-resolution structural studies.
Sanobar Khan is a BBSRC iCASE-funded PhD student working with Paul Beales and Mike on strategies for drug delivery using polymeric systems.
Sarah Atkinson is a University of Leeds 110 Anniversary-funded PhD student working with Paul Taylor and Mike.
Tomasz Kaminski is a BBSRC-funded PhD student working with Mike, Bruce Turnbull and Mike McPherson to develop probes for glycosylation enzymes in the cell
Ryan McBerney is an EPSRC-funded PhD student working with Bruce Turnbull and Mike on glycosylation enzymes.
Asif Fazal is a WT-funded PhD student working with Dr Ryan Siepke and Mike on enzymes of natural product biosynthesis
Holly Morgan is a BBSRC-funded PhD studentship with Prof Bruce Turnbull and Mike on protein modification technologies.

Undergraduate students

Euan McDonnell is a BBSRC-funded summer student working on protein labelling strategies. He is about to start the 4th year of an MBiol BSc in Microbiology.