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The students did their A2 exams and there was a whole section on NMR and IR spectra which they said was easy. It wouldn't have been the case if we hadn't been to Leeds!

Nathalie Thornton The Crossley Heath School Halifax
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Schools Liaison Officer Louise Crabtree

Louise Crabtree
Education outreach Officer (STEM)

The main aim of my role is to encourage young people to continue their study of STEM subjects through school or college and into Higher Education. Having previously worked in the Chemical industry for nearly 10 years, I am keen for young people to understand the importance of science and maths in our lives and its everyday uses.

I coordinate much of the outreach programme for schools offered by the Faculty of Maths and Physical Sciences, i.e. Chemistry, Physics, Food Science and Maths. However, I am also part of the wider STEM outreach team here at the University, which includes Engineering, Biosciences and Environment. As a group we utilise the talents of our postgraduate students to help deliver many of our activities, some of which are offered during the Leeds Festival of Science.

If you would like to find out more about what we have to offer, please contact me:

Phone 0113 343 6511

Reader & Schools Liaison Officer Terry Kee

Dr Terry Kee
Reader & Schools Liaison Officer

As Schools Liaison Officer I design and run activities for schools. Being part of a research intensive university, my emphasis is on guiding young scientists to see what makes science tick and how they can play a part themselves in helping solve some of societies biggest challenges today. As a member of the Chemistry faculty, I teach courses on inorganic chemistry and research within the field of abiogenesis, the origins of life. Ultimately, to understand how life on earth began we need to explain how the lifeless inorganic chemicals of geology became transformed into the complex, genetically-controlled machines called biological cells. The link between geology and biology is ultimately a chemical one.

When not searching for the origins of life, I can often be found transformed into a horse or dinosaur to be ridden for the amusement of my two small boys Basil & Elliot!

Phone 0113 343 6421