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Leeds success at the RSC Chemical Biology and Bioorganic Group Postgraduate Symposium 2017

On 25 May, Leeds chemical biologists attended the annual postgraduate symposium of the RSC Chemical Biology and Bioorganic Group (CBBG) in Glasgow.

Hester Beard won the runner-up prize for her poster presentation on chemical approaches to studying interactions of proteins. Her work is supervised by Dr Robin Bon (LICAMM) and Prof. Andrew Wilson (Chemistry), and involves collaborations with Dr Heiko Wurdak (LICAP) and Dr Shoutian Zhu (Scripps, La Jolla).

Aisling Minard (talk on the study of TRPC4/5 ion channel inhibitors) and Jake Hauser (poster on the development of novel ionisation enhancers for mass spectrometry) also presented their work at the symposium and received very positive feedback from the audience. Aisling and Jake both work in the group of Dr Robin Bon. Aisling is co-supervised by Dr Stuart Warriner (Chemistry) and Prof. David Beech (LICAMM) and Jake is co-supervised by Dr Stuart Warriner.

The successful symposium concluded with an entertaining plenary lecture by Prof. Andrew Wilson, who gave an impressive overview of his group’s work on protein-protein interactions.