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Roles and Responsibilities

Full descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of all members of the University (staff and postgraduate students) are contained within the University Health and Safety Policy. Here is a summary of what is expected from:

The University Safety Policy also recognises a number of personnel with specialist training and experience. Within the School of Chemistry, these advisors, and their specific duties, are:


The core safety team (Head of School, deputy chair of the school safety committee, school safety advisor and building/safety technician) meet monthly with the Faculty Health and Safety Manager to discuss urgent matters and assist the Head of School in formulating health and safety policy for the School.

The School of Chemistry Safety Committee meets three times per year to provide a forum through which members of the School and campus union representatives may raise and discuss questions of health and safety; review safety policies and accident statistics; disseminate information from the Faculty and University health and safety committees.  

Safety matters are disseminated to all members of the School via regular email contact; via sectional safety coordinators and student reps; and at termly staff meetings.

The following scheme shows the principal lines for safety management within the School of Chemistry and its relationaship to other University structures. The responsibility for Health and Safety is shown in the central area while the structures and committees which support and assist in safety management are shown to the left and right.

Safety management flow diagram
Safety management flow diagram