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Performance Standards

The University of Leeds has a legal duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and related Health and Safety legislation to ensure the management of Health and Safety within the institution.  Within the University the legal responsibility for health and safety management rests with the University Council and the Vice Chancellor.  Safety management at the Faculty level is the responsibility of the Dean.  The Head of School is responsible for ensuring that systems are in place to manage health and safety within each school.

School, Faculty and University committees provide a mechanism for staff to raise any concerns relating to Health and Safety and for policy to be reviewed and developed.  A full copy of the University Safety Policy is available on the University Health and Safety Services website.

The School of Chemistry has a culture of safe working practice.  Every visitor to, or member of the School, staff or student; has the responsibility to work to the highest practicable standards of safety to protect them and their colleagues. The School of Chemistry is also committed to: continuous improvement in health and safety performance, maintaining high standards of health and welfare and creating a safe and healthy environment for all our staff and students.

The School encourages all staff to set high standards of health and safety by personal example so that students leaving the School take with them an attitude that accepts good health and safety practice as normal. The following links lay out the standards expected for common activities within the School.