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Professor Colin Fishwick

About Colin

Colin Fishwick received his undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of Liverpool, graduating with First Class Honours in 1982. He went on to carry out his PhD there from 1982-1985 before joining the staff at University of Leeds in 1985. He was appointed to a Chair in Medicinal Chemistry in 2009. He is currently Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Leeds and Honorary Visiting Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Bradford, Institute of Cancer Therapeutics and at the University of Sheffield. He has authored more than 100 publications. In 2013 he took up the post of head of organic chemistry at Leeds.

Research Interests

His research interests focus on the application of structure-based molecular design to the identification of new therapeutic drug leads, particularly for anti-infective agents. Computer-aided design and subsequent synthesis of drug-like molecules has been directed against important therapeutic targets including antibacterial, antimalerial, antithrombotic, anti-Alzheimer's agents and anti-cancer agents.

Invited lectures

Special Guest Speaker ‘Recent Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences’ conference, Hyderabad, India 2012.

Keynote Speaker at the 3rd International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences for the Future of Medicine, Prague 2011.

Plenary Speaker at the 10th Annual Conference on Superbugs and Superdrugs, London 2011.

Plenary Speaker at the International Conference on Antimalarial Drugs: Chemistry, Development and Future  Challenges, London 2011.

Plenary Lecturer at the 6th World Congress on the Insulin Resistance Syndrome, Los Angeles 2008.

Plenary Lecturer at the Marcus Evans Conference on Translational Medicine for Antibacterial and Antifungal Drug Development’, London 2008.

Invited speaker at the 5th International Drug Discovery Science Technology Conference, Shanghai 2007.

Invited speaker at the 5th International Joint Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry, Slovenia 2007.

Invited speaker at the Keystone Computer-Aided Drug Discovery Conference, Whistler Canada 2006.

Recipient of Hofmann La Roche, Visiting Lectureship, Basel, Switzerland 2005.


Consultant to AstraZeneca (India) on aspects of anti-TB drug discovery (2005 – 2008).

Consultant to Wellcome Trust Seeding Drug Discovery Programme (2006 – present).

Administrative responsibilities

Director of the Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (MCCB) technology group of the University of Leeds Biomedical and Health Research Centre (2008 – present).

Full Member, Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology, University of Leeds, UK.

Member of Executive Committee, Multidisciplinary Centre for Cardiovascular Research, University of Leeds.