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Group duties
  • Organising rota for store and wastes: Rachel Nicholls
  • Chemical inventory (printing nad updating hard copies, requesting and arranging annual updates with all members): Rachel Nicholls
  • TLC dips: Grant Sherborne
  • Desiccator (looking after the desiccator, making sure that everyone keeps it clean and in good shape, checking and replacing silica gel every 3 months): Ben Kyffin
  • Balances (looking after balances, making sure that everyone cleans up after themselves, arranging calibrations): Thomas Dent
  • Tools (mantenance and update orders): Grant Sherborne
  • PAT tests: James McManus
  • Social activities (any suggestions should go to the assigned person): James Miller
  • Wiki pages (updating and coordinating new pages with members who has the correct expertise): Grant Sherborne
  • Webpages: BN
Logins and passwords

LC-MS: chmbnn/Guanidine13
NMR download: gen/chem123

Group presentations

Copies of presentations at group meetings can be found here.

Group presentations