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Nur Bazilah Thalib

International chemistry student

Nur Bazilah Thalib is in her first year of a three year degree studying Chemistry and is from Malaysia

How are you finding life here in Leeds?
It’s very different to home. Life here is very good. The people here are good and it is easy to find food and clothes. It’s not very hard to be an international student here.

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?
Because it was recommended to me, they said it was very good and it had a free city bus, making it easy to get to the town.  Also it’s easy to get halal food. You can get it in the LUU and also in the restaurants in front of the university. It’s easy to get accommodation. So, there aren’t any problems really.

Will you be in Leeds for the Christmas holidays?
Yes and I am wondering how my first Christmas here will be because it is a very big celebration here. It will be my first experience of Christmas.

Why did you choose chemistry?
Chemistry is very different to biology and physics. Physics is more about calculation, biology is more reading and memorising and chemistry is a combination of both.

What is it that makes you passionate about chemistry?
Because I really want to know how it begins. Physics can tell us about the universe but chemistry can tell us how many things can become one thing. Chemistry is the building blocks.

How would you describe student life for international students at Leeds?
If I had to rate it then I would rate it number one because I went to London and York and I can see that here it is more welcoming.

How would you describe your lecturers?
I like the lecturers here very much because they are very helpful and whatever questions we ask, they always try to give an explanation.

What do you think of the facilities?
The facilities are very good, especially good. I am surprised how up to date and modern the labs and equipment are. The equipment is easy to use as it has the instructions next to it. The library is also good and easy to find information.

Do you do any activities in your spare time?
Yes I am involved in the Malaysian club which is good if you need to get any advice, they are here.

What next? What career are you thinking of?
I will finish my contract with my sponsor and then because I will have had practice in my year in industry, I think that I can go into industry.

What would you say to other international students thinking of coming to Leeds University?
I would say ‘don’t think twice, just come here because it is very good to be here and you won’t have any problems being here because people are friendly’.