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A free online course introducing the subject of medicinal chemistry and its importance in treating disease.

This course will introduce you to the principles of cancer chemotherapy, and how the development of effective medications for the treatment of cancer remains a significant challenge to scientists.

It will allow you to research the use and development of cancer medicines, focussing on chemotherapy. In addition, through an exploration of how science is communicated to the general public, you will also look at the skills you need to become an effective science writer.

No previous knowledge is required, but having an interest in exploring science and science writing will be beneficial to learners.

This courses will help you with making decisions about which subject to study at university and will give you examples and evidence when developing your university application.

Each course is designed to complement your existing studies and aims to prepare you for university

Key facts

2 Weeks
Time required: 2 hours per week
Start date: Monthly
Educators from the School of Chemistry:

Prof Paul Taylor

Dr Richard Foster

Further study

On completion of this course you might want to consider pursuing the study of medicinal chemistry with us to degree level. We have three course options that you can consider;

Our Medicinal Chemistry degrees provide a focus on the organic elements of chemistry with an enhanced level of teaching on drug synthesis, pharmacology and how drugs work in biological systems. The courses are supplemented with advanced topics such as cancer chemotherapy and are run in close collaboration with scientists from the pharmaceutical industry.