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Michaele Hardie

Professor of Supramolecular Chemistry

"My research interests are in the area of metallo-supramolecular chemistry and we are particularly interested in the self-assembly of discrete nano-scale metallo-supramolecular cages, and in coordination polymers."

Research impact

Impact is at the heart of all the research activities we undertake in the School of Chemistry at Leeds. We aim to use our knowledge and expertise to improve the world we live in and understand more about it.

Below are a few examples of the research we are undertaking and the impact it has had.

Understanding our atmosphere through chemical analysis and informing government policies on climate.

Mimicking natural evolution with ‘promiscuous reactions’ to improve the diversity of drugs.

Stimulating the energetic process that may have led to the emergence of cell metabolism on Earth.

light-activated dyes with antimicrobial activity able to treat chronic wound infection.

Knowledge-based genotoxicity prediction tools used universally in pharmaceutical development.

“Filling without drilling”: A new class of product for the treatment of early stage dental decay based on hydrogels of self-assembling peptide tapes.

ESA's Rosetta mission and a close encounter with Mars.

Removal of CO2 from gas streams through new technology.