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Research degree students at Leeds School of Chemistry

Project opportunities

The School of Chemistry has a selection of research project opportunities, available for PhD students across a range of research areas.

Our current list of projects and their supervisors can be seen below.

Directly funded studentships

Other project opportunities

Inorganic and Materials Chemistry
Metal-N-heterocyclic carbene complexes for catalytic applications (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Charlotte Willans
Silver-N-heterocyclic carbene complexes for anticancer applications (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Charlotte Willans
Bio-Inspired Approaches to Functional Nanocomposites (PDF)
Supervisor: Prof Fiona Meldrum
Microfluidic Systems as Nanoscale Reactors for Crystallization Studies (PDF)
Supervisor: Prof Fiona Meldrum
Metal Complexes of Radical Ligands – Electron Hopping Leading to Novel Optical Properties (PDF)
Supervisor: Prof Malcolm Halcrow
Spin-Crossover Compounds – Switchable Materials from Simple Metal Complexes (PDF)
Supervisor: Prof Malcolm Halcrow
Metallo-supramolecular assemblies with cavitand ligands (PDF)
Supervisor: Prof Michaele Hardie
The use of organometallic compounds as anticancer drugs (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Patrick McGowan
The development new complexes for Cu-Catalysed Aryl Ether Formation (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Patrick McGowan
Graphene and Carbon Nanotube Aerogels: Chemical Functionalisation of the Internal Surface for Applications in Heterogeneous Catalysis and CO2 Storage (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Robert Menzel
Carbon Nanostructure Based Heterogeneous Catalysts (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Thomas Chamberlain
Rapid Optimisation of Continuous Flow Processes involving Heterogeneous Nanocatalysts and Reactive Gases (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Thomas Chamberlain
Geological Hydrogels. Emergence of Proto-Cytosolic Media (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Terry Kee
Organic Chemistry
Synthesis of Diverse Small Molecules with Controlled Molecular Properties (PDF)
Supervisor: Prof Adam Nelson
Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interactions Involved in Cancer Development and Progression (PDF)
Supervisor: Prof Andy Wilson
Designer Cross-Linking Chemistry To Probe Protein-Protein Interactions (PDF)
Supervisor: Prof Andy Wilson
Electrochemical Flow-Cells as Enablers for Catalytic Synthetic Processes (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Bao Nguyen
Solubility prediction in organic solvents through a combination of chemometrics and computational chemistry (PDF)
Supervisor: Prof John Blacker
Synthetic models for understanding cell surface protein-carbohydrate interactions (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Bruce Turnbull
New inhibitors of beta-lactamases- fighting antimicrobial resistance (PDF)
Supervisor: Prof Colin Fishwick
Achieving the “Holy Grail” in the prevention of thrombosis (PDF)
Supervisor: Prof Colin Fishwick
Carbon Dioxide Chemistry (PDF)
Supervisor: Prof Chris Rayner
Natural Products Chemistry / Sustainable Chemicals for the Future (PDF)
Supervisor: Prof Chris Rayner
Protein-protein interactions for metabolic regulation (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Mike Webb
Chemical, Chemoenzymatic and Genetic Approaches to Protein Modification (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Mike Webb
Optimisation of small molecule inhibitors of TRPCa ion channels as cardiovascular protective agents (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Richard Foster
Development of a small molecule inhibitor of Chst for restoration of cognition in Alzheimer’s disease (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Richard Foster
Physical Chemistry
The kinetics of astrochemical and planetary reactions studied at very low temperatures (PDF)
Supervisor: Prof Dwayne Heard
Quantum and classical molecular dynamics (PDF)
Supervisor: Prof Dmitry Shalashilin
Hybrid vesicles for biotechnology applications (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Paul Beales
Membrane biophysics approaches to investigating the potential toxicity of engineered nanoparticles (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Paul Beales
Chemical Genomics, Cancer Treatments, Evolution & Chemical Education (PDF)
Supervisor: Prof Paul Taylor
Colour Science
Novel Polymer Architectures for Controlled Release Applications (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Paul Thornton
Development of surface-supported organic photocatalysts (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Natalia Sergeeva
Chemokine gradient formation in extracellular matrix – defining physico-chemical mechanisms (PDF)
Supervisor: Dr Ralf Richter