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Doctoral training programmes

Doctoral training programmes

Doctoral training programmes provide structured PhD training and focus on multi-disciplinary challenges in modern science, with groups of students working as a cohort in a defined scientific area.

Each programme varies in structure, however studentships typically last for four years with opportunities to learn theoretical and experimental skills through lectures and/or laboratory rotations during the first year. PhD projects usually include collaborative supervision.

Platform Technologies for Therapeutics Discovery (PTTD)
The School of Chemistry coordinates the PhD training programme in Platform Technologies for Therapeutics Discovery dedicated to training cohorts of doctoral students to enable the development of scientific platforms to help address key challenges in drug discovery. Key academic partners within the School of Chemistry include Stefan Auer, Paul Beales, Robin Bon, Colin Fishwick, Richard Foster, Steve Marsden, Natalia Sergeeva, Paul Thornton, Bruce Turnbull, Stuart Warriner, Mike Webb, Andy Wilson and Dejian Zhou.

We also actively participate in the following chemistry related doctoral training programmes and list staff who may be offering projects on these programmes:

    • NERC Leeds-York Doctoral Training Partnership in Environmental Research
      (Mark Blitz, Dwayne Heard, John Plane, Paul Seakins, Lisa Whalley)
    • Astbury Centre Wellcome Trust Funded PhD 4 Year Programme on the molecular basis of biological mechanisms.
      (Robin Bon, Colin Fishwick, Adam Nelson, Bruce Turnbull, Stuart Warriner, Mike Webb, Andy Wilson)
    • Astbury Centre BBSRC Doctoral Training Programme
      (Stefan Auer, Paul Beales, Richard Foster, Adam Nelson, Bruce Turnbull, Mike Webb, Andy Wilson)
    • EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Soft Matter and Functional Interfaces (SOFI CDT)
      (Long Lin, Paul Thornton)

      SOFI CDT provides industrially-integrated, postgraduate training in research, enterprise and innovation for future leaders in the soft matter academic and industrial sectors. It combines expertise from Durham, Leeds and Edinburgh universities, industry and central facilities. It brings together more than 50 academics from departments of Physics, Chemistry, Food Science, Biology, Engineering, Computing, (Applied) Mathematics and Durham University Business School. 

      Up to 16 Fully funded places are now available for 2017 entry.
    • EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
      (Ron Grigg, Paul Thornton, Stuart Warriner)
    • EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Bioenergy.
      (Dwayne Heard, Bao Nguyen, Chris Rayner, Paul Seakins)
    • EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Complex Particulate Products and Processes
      (Paul Beales, John Blacker, Richard Bourne, Patrick McGowan, Fiona Meldrum, Bao Nguyen, Steve Marsden, Frans Muller, Chris Rayner, Charlotte Willans)
    • MRC Doctoral Training Grant Studentship with the Faculty of Medicine and Health
      (Colin Fishwick, Richard Foster)