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Welcome to the Webb group

Protein chemistry: function and modification

Welcome to the home of the Webb research group. We are an interdisciplinary research group that uses the tools of both synthetic chemistry and molecular biology to gain understanding of living systems and their regulation. We are also interested in development of new biophysical techniques and therapeutic modalities. 

Recent research highlights include the development of new methods for protein modification, the identification of new proteins in biosynthetic pathways and the elaboration of a new class of stable phosphohistidine analogue. 

  • April '15 - Diana's paper on the crystal structure of the PanDZ complex is published in Chemistry & Biology
  • January '15 - Danny's paper on fungal proteins nucleating ice in the atmosphere is published in Scientific Reports
  • October '14 - A warm welcome to Gemma, Arthur, Zoe, Sarah, Tara and Pete who have joined the group. 
  • July '14 - Congratulations to Briony who has passed her PhD viva
  • February '14 - Congratulations to James on passing his PhD viva
  • January '14 - Congratulations to Heather on passing her PhD viva
The structure of PanZ in complex with ADC (PanD)