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Colour science analytical

Colour Science Analytical

Colour Science Analytical (CSA) is far more than just an analytical laboratory. Over the past 30 years, CSA has established an excellent reputation for delivering bespoke solutions to complex industrial challenges.

Offering customers a confidential, world-class service, CSA provides analysis and expertise in a wide range of constantly expanding areas, including surface coatings, inks, textiles, water treatment, fine chemicals, medical devices and cosmetics. Some of the specialist analytical techniques available include:

  • Performance and durability testing - durability, lightfastness, tensile testing, gloss, surface defect and contaminant analysis, printability, thermal stability
  • Surface characterisation - evaluation via scanning electron microscopy, elemental and functional group analysis, optical characterisation, surface wettability
  • Environmental monitoring - trace elemental analysis, organic residue analysis, coloured effluent analysis, waste water analysis, assessment of volatiles
  • Colour characterisation - colour match prediction, assessment of fading and colour change, tinctorial strength, extinction coefficients/colour strength determination, ultra violet analysis
  • Chemical/structural analysis - functional group determination (FT-IR), full molecular structure determination (NMR), composition of mixtures (GC-MS), extent of conversion of polymers, reaction kinetics
  • Physical characterisation - particle size, zeta potential, molecular weight (via GPC), rheology, interfacial tension determination

CSA has worked in partnership with a wide variety of customers, from individuals to multinational companies. It has also provided expert witness services on many occasions. CSA’s expertise comes from its team of scientists, technologists and academics, who take great pride in providing the service that industry seeks.

CSA also operates as an essential support facility for teaching and research activities. Its facilities and expertise are used by the School, as well as the wider academic community, including other university departments.

For further information please contact:

Mr Algy Kazlauciunas
Phone 0113 343 2939