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Steve Marsden

Professor of Organic Chemistry

"Our work involves the development and application of new synthetic methods, including the development of methods for the construction of diverse quaternary asymmetric centres and, new efficient catalytic methods for fine chemical synthesis."

Services for business

Working with business

Putting science into action through partnerships with industry. The School has a reputation for delivering value based solutions to a host of problems across a wide range of industry sectors.

With one of the first ‘Centres for Industrial Collaboration’ (Digital Print CIC) located within the School and strong links to the chemical manufacturing sector through the Institute of Process Research and Development (iPRD) we understand the needs of industry and are able to offer a range of services including:

  • Collaborative research and development projects
  • Consultancy
  • Professional development for staff  (skills training, seminars, short courses, conferences, etc)
  • Specialist advice and technical services
  • Analytical services for troubleshooting and quality control
  • Chemistry for Engineers and Scientists three day course

The University hosts The Pharma Hub which brings together expertise in physical and biological sciences to pioneer innovative approaches to drug discovery and help discover safe new medicines faster.

Our staff are experienced in working with the special needs and pressures associated with commercial enterprises and have assisted in the ‘spin-out’ of a number of companies, projects and initiatives that have delivered innovative solutions to real industrial problems.

If you would like to take a closer look at the services that we can provide or would like to discuss a particular problem or research need please contact Prof. Steve Marsden on 0113 343 6425 or email

Alternatively please see our staff pages for individual contact details and areas of expertise.

Case studies

Report for Which? Ltd on shampoo and conditioner performance

A comparative test of shampoo and conditioner combinations for hair softness and manageability, shine, effective cleaning, de-tangling, damage and dryness.

Analysis and testing of a faulty yellow 7G dye for Camira Fabrics
A variety of testing was undertaken to ascertain whether two dye samples had the same ‘chemical fingerprint’ and to evaluate their light fastness when used on nylon yarn.

Helping to prevent the global problem of counterfeit goods
The Digital Print CIC works closely with the security industry on a range of anti-counterfeit, print-based solutions. The work includes pharmaceutical and food packaging, secure documents, and major event ticketing solutions through to the development of novel materials for checking the authenticity of banknotes and special inks designed for use in forms of identity such as passports and visas.

Scaling-up manufacture of new facial wash for skincare company
The Institute of Process Research and Development (iPRD) has successfully manufactured its first 20L batches for JooMo Ltd. Forty litres of product made up entirely from natural ingredients, were produced over two days to support the product’s launch. read more ›

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