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Dalton Meeting

18 June 2014

On Tuesday 17th June, several research groups from the Inorganic Section attended the RSC Northern Regional Dalton Meeting.

Carlo Sambiagio from the McGowan group and Tom Roberts from the Halcrow group gave talks on their research in the areas of ‘copper-catalysed synthesis of aryl ethers’ and ‘spin crossover complexes of iron(II)’ respectively. Heba Abdelgawad (pictured) from the Willans group was awarded a prize for her poster entitled ‘silver N-heterocyclic carbene complexes as anticancer agents’.

Salters' Festival Fun

23 May 2014

The School hosted two Salters' Festivals of Chemistry on Tuesday 20th and Thursday 22nd May.

Nineteen schools sent teams of four Y7 pupils who took part in a pair of laboratory based challenges. Prizes were awarded on both days for first, second and third places in the Salters' Challenge and the University Challenge.

More information about the Salters' Festival of Chemistry is available here.

A ‘funny’ cyclic dinucleotide receptor

19 May 2014

Dr Katie Simmons and Profs Colin Fishwick and Peter Johnson have had their recent work describing an inhibitor of the cyclic-nucleotide-gated (HCN) channel HCN4 published in this month’s edition of Nature Chemical Biology.


This work, in collaboration with Dr Anna Moroni’s group at the University of Milan, combines structural, biochemical and functional approaches to show that cyclic dinucleotides are potent and specific inhibitors of HCN4 modulation by cyclic nucleotides. As part of this work, the authors identified a new binding region on this channel and used virtual high-throughput screening to identify other small molecules which could also modulate channel activity by binding in this newly identified site.  

Partnership award!

29 April 2014

Dr Sridharan was awarded the Extra Mile Award at the University of Leeds Partnership Awards 2014 ceremony.

The ceremony took place on the 28th April at Leeds University Union. The Awards are made based upon student nominations, and Dr Sridharan was selected as the winner from more than 140 nominees across the University.  The Award recognises his outstanding work with students, particularly in the Priestley teaching laboratory.

European Network on Systems Chemistry

28 April 2014

Dr Annette Taylor and Dr Terry Kee are to take part in a new European COST network on Systems Chemistry.

The network brings together over 70 researchers from 22 countries with expertise in the fields of supramolecular chemistry, the origin of life and far-from-equilibrium systems. Inspired by the goal of the creation of life from synthetic components, these researchers will work across disciplines to develop complex chemical systems with new properties and functions. The first COST Action meeting associated with the network will take place in San Sebastian in June.

Further information can be found at:

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