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Dr Lisa Whalley

UFAM Instrument Scientist

Current Research

I am the ground-based FAGE UFAM instrument scientist, and am responsible for the development and operation of the ground-based FAGE instrument, making measurements of the OH, HO2, RO2, and IO radicals.

Since joining the group in 2005, I have been involved in five field projects:

RHaMBLe (Reactive Halogens in the Marine Boundary Layer) - Roscoff, France, July/August 2006, where we made the first measurements of the IO radical using LIF

RHaMBLe - Cape Verde, Africa, summer 2007, where we made measurements of OH and HO2 in the tropical marine boundary layer

OP3 (Oxidant and Particle Photochemical Processes) - Danum Valley, Borneo, Malaysia, spring and summer 2008. During this campaign we made measurements of OH, HO2, and OH reactivity in the heart of the Borneo rainforest

HCCT 2010 (Hill Cap Cloud Thuringia 2010) - Schm├╝cke mountain, Th├╝ringer Wald, Germany, September/October 2010. During this campaign we made measurements of OH and HO2 in a hill-top cloud.

ClearfLo (Clean Air For London) - Kensington, London, UK, January 2012 and July 2012. During ClearfLo we made measurements of OH, HO2, RO2, and OH reactivity.

Previous Research

I obtained my PhD in 2004 from the Univeristy of Leeds under the supervision of Prof. Ally Lewis. My research involved the development and deployment of two highly time-resolved gas chromatographs, designed to make airborne measurements of the NMHCs and PAN.

The instruments were deployed on the DLR Falcon aircraft (VTROC Project) and the FAAM BA146 research aircraft (ITOP) as well as at a number of ground-based sites; Jungfraujoch (FREETEX campaign) and in the UK (TORCH campaign).

Following on from that I worked on the Master Chemical Mechanism, MCM, for one year, under the supervision of Prof. Mike Pilling, focussing on the evolution of North American plumes over the North Atlantic Ocean and Europe.

Selected Publications

Whalley L.K.; Furneaux K.L.; Gravestock T; Atkinson, H.M.; Bale C.; Ingham T.; Bloss W.J.; Heard, D.E. Detection of iodine monoxide radicals in the marine broundary layer using laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy, Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry, 58, 19-39, 2007

Lewis A.C.; Evans, M.J.; Methven J.; Watson N.; Lee J.D.; Hopkins J.R.; Purvis R.M.; Arnold, S.R.; McQuaid, J.B.; Whalley, L.K.; Pilling, M.J.; Heard, D.E.; Monks P.S.; Parker A.; Reeves C.E.; Oram D.E.; Mills G.; Bandy B.J.; Coe H. Chemical composition observed over the mid-Atlantic and the detection of pollution signatures far from source regions, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 112, D10S38 , 2007

Whalley, L.K.; Lewis, A.C.; McQuaid, J.B.; Purvis, R.M.; Lee, J.D.; Stemmler, K.; Zellweger, C.; Ridgeon, P. Two high-speed, portable GC systems designed for the measurement of nonmethane hydrocarbons and PAN: Results from the Jungfraujoch high altitude observatory, Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 6 (3), 234-241, 2004

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Tel: (+44) 0113 343 6590