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Charlotte Willans

University Research Fellow
Member of the Process Research and Development group

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Room: 1.16
Tel: +44 (0)113 3435868


N-Heterocyclic carbenes
Electrochemical synthetic methodology
Flow technology

Photograph of Charlotte Willans

Research interests

N-Heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs) are stable singlet carbenes that can act as excellent two electron donor ligands towards elements across the whole periodic table. They have received wide attention in transition metal chemistry and have a plethora of catalytic and biomedical applications. However, the use of NHCs in industry is still relatively limited due, in part, to their non-trivial synthetic procedures. We are developing novel synthetic routes to metal-NHCs which rely on electrochemistry rather than harsh basic conditions. Coupled with the translation into electrochemical flow reactors (Figure 1), we envisage metal-NHCs becoming more attractive for general use in important industrial processes.

Figure 1. Electrochemical flow reactor for the synthesis of metal-NHCs1

The electrochemical synthesis of metal-NHCs enables more elaborate functional groups to be incorporated into the ligand structure, allowing for finer control at the metal centre. We are interested in bringing together the two distinct and highly versatile ligand types, NHCs and carboranes, to take advantage of the unique properties of each moiety within one ligand structure.

We are involved in the development of metal-NHCs for both catalytic and biomedical applications. Our focus has been on copper-NHCs for catalysis, due to its lower cost and toxicity compared to precious metals, and the chemotherapeutic properties of silver-NHCs. We examine the reactivity of 'non-innocent' NHCs, as full mechanistic understanding of how these ligands behave will help in their design to prevent catalyst deactivation.

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View abstract

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View abstract

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View abstract

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View abstract

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View abstract

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