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Stuart Warriner

Senior Lecturer
Member of the Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry group

Contact details

Room: G13b
Tel: +44 (0)113 3436437


Carbohydrate Chemistry
Oligosaccharide Synthesis
Asymmetric Synthesis'

Photograph of Stuart Warriner

Research interests

The group is developing new methods for the synthesis and analysis of complex oligosaccharides which play a vital role in many intracellular systems. We also investigate new methods for asymmetric synthesis using novel bifunctional catalysts whilst other projects are developing new methods for drug discovery using evolutionary concepts. We also have collaborations with colleagues in Biochemistry which use the tools of Chemistry to prepare novel compounds for investigations into the pathways of protein folding.


Hauser JR, Beard HA, Bayana ME, Jolley KE, Warriner SL, Bon RS Economical and scalable synthesis of 6-amino-2-cyanobenzothiazole Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 12 2019-2025, 2016
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Baker A, Hogg TL, Warriner SL Peroxisome protein import: a complex journey BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY TRANSACTIONS 44 783-789, 2016

Burslem GM, Kyle HF, Breeze AL, Edwards TA, Nelson A, Warriner SL, Wilson AJ Towards "bionic" proteins: Replacement of continuous sequences from HIF-1α with proteomimetics to create functional p300 binding HIF-1α mimics Chemical Communications 52 5421-5424, 2016
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Azzarito V, Rowell P, Barnard A, Edwards TA, Macdonald A, Warriner SL, Wilson AJ Probing Protein Surfaces: QSAR Analysis using Helix Mimetics. ChemBioChem 17 768-773, 2016
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Bhogal MS, Lanyon-Hogg T, Johnston KA, Warriner SL, Baker A Covalent label transfer between peroxisomal importomer components reveals export-driven import interactions Journal of Biological Chemistry 291 2460-2468, 2016
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Miles JA, Yeo DJ, Rowell P, Rodriguez-Marin S, Pask CM, Warriner SL, Edwards TA, Wilson AJ Hydrocarbon constrained peptides-understanding preorganisation and binding affinity Chemical Science 7 3694-3702, 2016
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Burslem GM, Kyle HF, Prabhakaran P, Breeze AL, Edwards TA, Warriner SL, Nelson A, Wilson AJ Synthesis of highly functionalized oligobenzamide proteomimetic foldamers by late stage introduction of sensitive groups Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 14 3782-3786, 2016
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Fowler JM, Thorp-Greenwood FL, Warriner SL, Willans CE, Hardie MJ M12L8metallo-supramolecular cube with cyclotriguaiacylene-type ligand: Spontaneous resolution of cube and its constituent host ligand Chemical Communications 52 8699-8702, 2016
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Fisher MJ, Williamson DJ, Burslem GM, Plante JP, Manfield IW, Tiede C, Ault JR, Stockley PG, Plein S, Maqbool A, Tomlinson DC, Foster R, Warriner SL, Bon RS Trivalent Gd-DOTA reagents for modification of proteins RSC Advances 5 96194-96200, 2015
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Karageorgis G, Dow M, Aimon A, Warriner S, Nelson A Frontispiece: Activity-Directed Synthesis with Intermolecular Reactions: Development of a Fragment into a Range of Androgen Receptor Agonists. Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English) 54 -, 2015
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Karageorgis G, Dow M, Aimon A, Warriner S, Nelson A Activity-Directed Synthesis with Intermolecular Reactions: Development of a Fragment into a Range of Androgen Receptor Agonists Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 54 13538-13544, 2015
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Horner KA, Valette NM, Webb ME Strain-Promoted Reaction of 1,2,4-Triazines with Bicyclononynes Chemistry - A European Journal 21 14376-14381, 2015
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Morrison PM, Foley PJ, Warriner SL, Webb ME Chemical generation and modification of peptides containing multiple dehydroalanines Chemical Communications 51 13470-13473, 2015
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Kyle HF, Wickson KF, Stott J, Burslem GM, Breeze AL, Tiede C, Tomlinson DC, Warriner SL, Nelson A, Wilson AJ, Edwards TA Exploration of the HIF-1α/p300 interface using peptide and Adhiron phage display technologies Molecular BioSystems 11 2738-2749, 2015
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Firth JD, Zhang R, Morgentin R, Guilleux R, Kalliokoski T, Warriner S, Foster R, Marsden SP, Nelson A Exploitation of the Ugi-Joullié Reaction in the Synthesis of Libraries of Drug-Like Bicyclic Hydantoins Synthesis (Germany) 47 2391-2406, 2015
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Azzarito V, Miles JA, Fisher J, Edwards TA, Warriner SL, Wilson AJ Stereocontrolled protein surface recognition using chiral oligoamide proteomimetic foldamers Chemical Science 6 2434-2443, 2015
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Skoulding NS, Chowdhary G, Deus MJ, Baker A, Reumann S, Warriner SL Experimental validation of plant peroxisomal targeting prediction algorithms by systematic comparison of in vivo import efficiency and in vitro PTS1 binding affinity Journal of Molecular Biology 427 1085-1101, 2015
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Karageorgis G, Warriner S, Nelson A Efficient discovery of bioactive scaffolds by activity-directed synthesis Nature Chemistry 6 872-876, 2014
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Branson TR, McAllister TE, Garcia-Hartjes J, Fascione MA, Ross JF, Warriner SL, Wennekes T, Zuilhof H, Turnbull WB A protein-based pentavalent inhibitor of the cholera toxin B-subunit. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 53 8323-8327, 2014
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Lanyon-Hogg T, Hooper J, Gunn S, Warriner SL, Baker A PEX14 binding to Arabidopsis PEX5 has differential effects on PTS1 and PTS2 cargo occupancy of the receptor. FEBS Lett 588 2223-2229, 2014
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Macdonald SM, Gómez Martín JC, Chance R, Warriner S, Saiz-Lopez A, Carpenter LJ, Plane JMC A laboratory characterisation of inorganic iodine emissions from the sea surface: Dependence on oceanic variables and parameterisation for global modelling Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 14 5841-5852, 2014
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Paudyal R, Jamaluddin A, Warren JP, Doyle SM, Robert S, Warriner SL, Baker A Trafficking modulator TENin1 inhibits endocytosis, causes endomembrane protein accumulation at the pre-vacuolar compartment and impairs gravitropic response in Arabidopsis thaliana. Biochem J 460 177-185, 2014
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Burslem GM, Kyle HF, Breeze AL, Edwards TA, Nelson A, Warriner SL, Wilson AJ Small-molecule proteomimetic inhibitors of the HIF-1α-p300 protein-protein interaction. Chembiochem 15 1083-1087, 2014
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James T, Maclellan P, Burslem GM, Simpson I, Grant JA, Warriner S, Sridharan V, Nelson A A modular lead-oriented synthesis of diverse piperazine, 1,4-diazepane and 1,5-diazocane scaffolds. Org Biomol Chem 12 2584-2591, 2014
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Henkelis JJ, Fisher J, Warriner SL, Hardie MJ Solvent-dependent self-assembly behaviour and speciation control of Pd6L8 metallo-supramolecular cages. Chemistry 20 4117-4125, 2014
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Tate DJ, Abdelbasit M, Kilner CA, Shepherd HJ, Warriner SL, Bushby RJ A simple route to derivatives of benzo[j]fluoranthene Tetrahedron 70 67-74, 2014
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Martin HL, Adams M, Higgins J, Bond J, Morrison EE, Bell SM, Warriner S, Nelson A, Tomlinson DC High-content, high-throughput screening for the identification of cytotoxic compounds based on cell morphology and cell proliferation markers. PLoS One 9 e88338-, 2014
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Yeo DJ, Warriner SL, Wilson AJ Monosubstituted alkenyl amino acids for peptide "stapling". Chem Commun (Camb) 49 9131-9133, 2013
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Murphy NS, Prabhakaran P, Azzarito V, Plante JP, Hardie MJ, Kilner CA, Warriner SL, Wilson AJ Solid-phase methodology for synthesis of O-alkylated aromatic oligoamide inhibitors ofα-helix-mediated protein-protein interactions. Chemistry 19 5546-5550, 2013
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Maurya SK, Dow M, Warriner S, Nelson A Synthesis of skeletally diverse alkaloid-like molecules: Exploitation of metathesis substrates assembled from triplets of building blocks Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 9 775-785, 2013
View abstract

Azzarito V, Warriner SL, Wilson AJ Oligobenzamide alpha-helix mimetic scaffolds: The role of non-covalent interactions in molecular recognition, 2013

Knapman TW, Valette NM, Warriner SL, Ashcroft AE Ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry of intrinsically unfolded proteins: Trying to put order into disorder Current Analytical Chemistry 9 181-191, 2013
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Brown L-A, Paudyal R, Baker A, Larson TR, Graham IA, Hawes C, Warriner SL An inhibitor of oil body mobilization in Arabidopsis New Phytologist -, 2013
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Tate DJ, Abdelbasit M, Kilner CA, Shepherd HJ, Warriner SL, Bushby RJ A simple route to derivatives of benzo[j]fluoranthene Tetrahedron -, 2013
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Azzarito V, Prabhakaran P, Bartlett AI, Murphy NS, Hardie MJ, Kilner CA, Edwards TA, Warriner SL, Wilson AJ 2-O-alkylated para-benzamideα-helix mimetics: the role of scaffold curvature. Org Biomol Chem 10 6469-6472, 2012
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Prabhakaran P, Azzarito V, Jacobs T, Hardie MJ, Kilner CA, Edwards TA, Warriner SL, Wilson AJ Conformational properties of O-alkylated benzamides Tetrahedron 68 4485-4491, 2012
View abstract

Fascione MA, Webb NJ, Kilner CA, Warriner SL, Turnbull WB Stereoselective glycosylations using oxathiane spiroketal glycosyl donors. Carbohydr Res 348 6-13, 2012
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Tate DJ, Anemian R, Bushby RJ, Nanan S, Warriner SL, Whitaker BJ Improved syntheses of high hole mobility phthalocyanines: A case of steric assistance in the cyclo-oligomerisation of phthalonitriles BEILSTEIN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 8 120-128, 2012

Valette NM, Radford SE, Harris SA, Warriner SL Phosphorylation as a tool to modulate aggregation propensity and to predict fibril architecture. Chembiochem 13 271-281, 2012
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Joce C, White R, Stockley PG, Warriner S, Turnbull WB, Nelson A Design, synthesis and in vitro evaluation of novel bivalent S-adenosylmethionine analogues. Bioorg Med Chem Lett 22 278-284, 2012
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Murrison S, Maurya SK, Einzinger C, McKeever-Abbas B, Warriner S, Nelson A Synthesis of Skeletally Diverse Alkaloid-Like Small Molecules EUR J ORG CHEM 2354-2359, 2011

Brown LA, O'Leary-Steele C, Brookes P, Armitage L, Kepinski S, Warriner SL, Baker A A small molecule with differential effects on the PTS1 and PTS2 peroxisome matrix import pathways. Plant J 65 980-990, 2011
View abstract

Prabhakaran P, Azzarito V, Jacobs T, Hardie MJ, Kilner CA, Edwards TA, Warriner SL, Wilson AJ Conformational properties of O-alkylated benzamides Tetrahedron -, 2011

Valette NM, Radford SE, Harris SA, Warriner SL Studying peptide aggregation with a series of phosphopeptide variants ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 240 -, 2010

Baker A, Sparkes IA, Brown LA, O'Leary-Steele C, Warriner SL Peroxisome biogenesis and positioning. Biochem Soc Trans 38 807-816, 2010
View abstract

Campbell F, Plante JP, Edwards TA, Warriner SL, Wilson AJ N-alkylated oligoamide alpha-helical proteomimetics. Org Biomol Chem 8 2344-2351, 2010
View abstract

Lanyon-Hogg T, Warriner SL, Baker A Getting a camel through the eye of a needle: the import of folded proteins by peroxisomes. Biol Cell 102 245-263, 2010
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Foit L, Morgan GJ, Kern MJ, Steimer LR, von Hacht AA, Titchmarsh J, Warriner SL, Radford SE, Bardwell JCA Optimizing Protein Stability In Vivo MOL CELL 36 861-871, 2009

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O'Leary-Steele C, Cordier C, Hayes J, Warriner S, Nelson A A fluorous-tagged "safety catch" linker for preparing heterocycles by ring-closing metathesis. Org Lett 11 915-918, 2009
View abstract

Plante JP, Burnley T, Malkova B, Webb ME, Warriner SL, Edwards TA, Wilson AJ Oligobenzamide proteomimetic inhibitors of the p53-hDM2 protein-protein interaction CHEM COMMUN 5091-5093, 2009

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View abstract

Joce C, Caryl J, Stockley PG, Warriner S, Nelson A Identification of stable S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) analogues derivatised with bioorthogonal tags: effect of ligands on the affinity of the E. coli methionine repressor, MetJ, for its operator DNA ORG BIOMOL CHEM 7 635-638, 2009

Norcross NR, Melbardis JP, Solera MF, Sephton MA, Kilner C, Zakharov LN, Astles PC, Warriner SL, Blakemore PR Total synthesis of (+/-)-alpha-isosparteine, (+/-)-beta-isosparteine, and (+/-)-sparteine from a common tetraoxobispidine intermediate J ORG CHEM 73 7939-7951, 2008

Stöckmann H, Bronowska A, Syme NR, Thompson GS, Kalverda AP, Warriner SL, Homans SW Residual ligand entropy in the binding of p-substituted benzenesulfonamide ligands to bovine carbonic anhydrase II. J Am Chem Soc 130 12420-12426, 2008
View abstract

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View abstract

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View abstract

Burt J, Dean T, Warriner S The parallel synthesis of a disaccharide library using a solid phase, peptide-templated strategy. Chemical communications (Cambridge, England) 454-455, 2004
View abstract

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View abstract

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