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Sri Sridharan

Principal Research Officer
Member of the Process Research and Development group

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Room: 1.03
Tel: +44 (0)113 3436520


Palladium Catalysed Reactions
1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions
Cascade Reactions
Diversity Oriented Synthesis
Medicinal Chemistry

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Research interests

Our research is focussed on Diversity Oriented Synthesis using novel cascade reactions that involve both cycloaddition and transition metal catalysed processes. The cycloaddition processes involve simple starting materials (imines, oximes, hydrazones etc) and allow the rapid assembly of complex heterocycles in regio-, stereo- and chemo-selective thermal or metal catalysed processes. A wide variety of bimetallic Pd/Ag, Pd/In, Pd/Rh, Pd/Ir and Pd/Ru catalysed multicomponent processes are under development. The new chemistry is being applied to biochemical, medicinal and agrochemical problems.


Lowe R, Fathy S, Sridharan V Rhodium catalyzed, one-pot, three component redox-neutral process towards fused ring heterocycles Tetrahedron Letters 58 2658-2660, 2017
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Hunter J, Pask CM, Sridharan V Iridium catalyzed three component cycloaddition cascades to fused ring heterocycles Tetrahedron Letters 57 2774-2777, 2016
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Jones B, Proud M, Sridharan V Synthesis of oxetane/azetidine containing spirocycles via the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction Tetrahedron Letters 57 2811-2813, 2016
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Proud M, Sridharan V Iridium catalyzed acceptor-less dehydrogenative coupling of alcohols and 4-hydroxy-6-methyl-2-pyrone under microwave conditions Tetrahedron Letters 56 6614-6616, 2015
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Allison M, Sridharan V One pot rhodium catalysed three component dehydrogenation route to fused and spiro-heterocycles Tetrahedron Letters 56 6551-6555, 2015
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James T, Maclellan P, Burslem GM, Simpson I, Grant JA, Warriner S, Sridharan V, Nelson A A modular lead-oriented synthesis of diverse piperazine, 1,4-diazepane and 1,5-diazocane scaffolds. Org Biomol Chem 12 2584-2591, 2014
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Packer G, Lepre K, Kankanala J, Sridharan V Bimetallic (Cu/Pd) catalytic cascade reactions to 3,3-disubstituted oxindole analogues RSC Advances 4 3457-3460, 2014
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Windle J, Allison M, Shepherd H, Sridharan V Sequential one-pot three component rhodium-catalysed isomerisation/1,3- dipolar cycloaddition cascades to fused-ring heterocycles RSC Advances 4 2624-2627, 2014
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James T, Simpson I, Grant JA, Sridharan V, Nelson A Modular, gold-catalyzed approach to the synthesis of lead-like piperazine scaffolds. Org Lett 15 6094-6097, 2013
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Lucas SJ, Lord RM, Wilson RL, Phillips RM, Sridharan V, McGowan PC Synthesis of iridium and ruthenium complexes with (N,N), (N,O) and (O,O) coordinating bidentate ligands as potential anti-cancer agents. Dalton Trans 41 13800-13802, 2012
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Gorman RM, Little MA, Morris JA, Sridharan V Rhodium-catalysed isomerisation/formal 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition cascades to fused-ring heterocycles. Chem Commun (Camb) 48 9537-9539, 2012
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Bhat S, Sridharan V Iridium catalysed chemoselective alkylation of 2'-aminoacetophenone with primary benzyl type alcohols under microwave conditions. Chem Commun (Camb) 48 4701-4703, 2012
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Grigg R, Whitney S, Sridharan V, Keep A, Derrick A Iridium catalysed alkylation of 4-hydroxy coumarin, 4-hydroxy-2-quinolones and quinolin-4(1H)-one with alcohols under solvent free thermal conditions TETRAHEDRON 65 7468-7473, 2009

Grigg R, Whitney S, Sridharan V, Keep A, Derrick A Iridium catalysed C-3 alkylation of oxindole with alcohols under solvent free thermal or microwave conditions TETRAHEDRON 65 4375-4383, 2009

Grigg R, Lofberg C, Whitney S, Sridharan V, Keep A, Derrick A Iridium catalysed alkylation of tert-butyl cyanoacetate with alcohols under solvent free conditions TETRAHEDRON 65 849-854, 2009

Grigg R, Somasunderam A, Sridharan V, Keep A Palladium-Catalysed Cascades Triggered by Dehydrogenation of Secondary or Tertiary Amines: Access to Bridged- and Fused-Ring Heterocycles SYNLETT 97-99, 2009

Grigg R, Sridharan V, Shah M, Mutton S, Kilner C, MacPherson D, Milner P Regioselective synthesis of N-aminoisoindolones and mono-N- and di-N,N'-substituted phthalazones utilizing hydrazine nucleophiles in a palladium-catalyzed three-component cascade process. J Org Chem 73 8352-8356, 2008
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Grigg R, Sridharan V Tin in Organic Synthesis: Palladium-Catalyzed Cascade Cyclization-Anion Capture Processes Employing Pre- and In Situ-Formed Organostannanes, 2008

Sridharan V, Grigg R, Sykes DA Sonogashira/N-acyliminium ion aromatic cyclisation process: access to tetra -and pentacyclic lactams Tetrahedron 64 8952-8962, 2008

Sridharan V, Grigg R Palladium-catalysed cascade cyclisation - anion capture process employing pre - and insitu - formed organnostannanes, 2008

Sridharan V, Grigg R, Blacker J, Kilner K, McCaffrey S, Savic V Stereoselective synthesis of chiral beta 2,3 - disubstituted beta amino acid derivatives using Pd/In transmetalation cascade nprocess Tetrahedron 64 8177-8181, 2008

Grigg R, Sarkar MRA, Thayaparan A, Sridharan V, Fishwick CWG Pd(0) catalyzed three-five-component C-2-arylallylation of active methylene heterocycles: pyrazolones, oxazolones, isoxazolones and N,N '-dimethylbarbituric acid TETRAHEDRON 63 7213-7228, 2007

Grigg RE, Inman MW, Kilner CA, Koppen I, Marchbank J, Selby PJ, Sridharan V Synthesis of Carbo- and Heterocycles via Palladium Catalysed cascade Allene Insertion-Nucleophile Incorporation- Michael Addition Processes Tetrahedron 63 6152-6169, 2007

Grigg R, Kilner C, Senthilnanthanan M, Seabourne CR, Sridharan V, Murrer BA Cyclometallated Ir(III), Rh(III) and Ru(II) complexes as catalysts for the cyclotrimerisation of 1,6-diynes with monoynes ARKIVOC 145-160, 2007

Grigg R, Sridharan V Isoindolones and related n-heterocycles via palladium nanoparticle-catalyzed 3-component cascade reactions, 2007
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Grigg R, Kilner C, Mariani E, Sridharan V Palladium-catalysed cyclisation-anion capture processes: In situ 'Zipper' generation via intramolecular nucleophilic capture of pi-allylpalladium species SYNLETT 3021-3024, 2006

Grigg R, Sakee U, Sridharan V, Sukirthalingam S, Thangavelauthum R Palladium catalysed bis- and tris-cyclisations furnishing fused cyclopropyl carbo/heterocycles TETRAHEDRON 62 9523-9532, 2006

Grigg RE, Sridharan V, Anwar U, Fielding M, Urch CJ Palladium Catalysed Tandem Cyclisation-Anion Capture Processes. Part 8 : In situ and Preformed Organostannanes. Carbonyl Chlorides and other Starter Species Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 691 1476-1487, 2006

Grigg RE, Kilner CA, Mariani E, Sridharan V Palladium Catalysed Cyclisation-Anion Capture Processes: In Situ Zipper Generation via Intramolecular Nucleophilic Capture ofπ Allylpalladium Species. Synlett -, 2006

Grigg RE, Kilner CA, Lofberg C, Keep A, Derrick A, Sridharan V Microwave Accelerated Redox Neutral Processes: Sequential One-Pot Ir(III)/Pd(0) Catalysed Monoalkylation/Spirocyclisation of Dimethyl Barbituric Acid Employing Alcohols and Allenes. Chemical Communications 5000-5002, 2006

Grigg RE, McCaffrey S, Sridharan V, Fishwick CWG, Kilner CA, Korn S, Bailey K, Blacker J Enantioselective Synthesis of Non-Proteinogenic 2-Arylallylα-Amino Acids via Pd/In Catalytic Cascades. Tetrahedron 62 12159-12171, 2006

Lofberg C, Grigg R, Keep A, Derrick A, Sridharan V, Kilner C Sequential one-pot bimetallic Ir(III)/Pd(0) catalysed mono-/bis-alkylation and spirocyclisation processes of 1,3-dimethylbarbituric acid and allenes CHEM COMMUN 5000-5002, 2006

Grigg R, Martin W, Morris J, Sridharan V Four-component Pd-catalysed cascade/ring closing metathesis. Synthesis of heterocyclic enones TETRAHEDRON 61 11380-11392, 2005

Evans P, Hogg P, Grigg R, Nurnabi M, Hinsley J, Sridharan V, Suganthan S, Korn S, Collard S, Muir JE 8-Methylquinoline palladacycles: stable and efficient catalysts for carbon-carbon bond formation TETRAHEDRON 61 9696-9704, 2005

Grigg R, Hasakunpaisarn A, Kilner C, Kongkathip B, Kongkathip N, Pettman A, Sridharan V Catalytic processes for the functionalisation and desymmetrisation of malononitrile derivatives TETRAHEDRON 61 9356-9367, 2005

Cleghorn LAT, Grigg R, Kilner C, MacLachlan WS, Sridharan V Bimetallic catalytic synthesis of annelated benzazepines. Chem Commun (Camb) 3071-3073, 2005
View abstract

Grigg R, Gai XJ, Khamnaen T, Rajviroongit S, Sridharan V, Zhang LX, Collard S, Keep A Synthesis of N-substituted isoindolinones via a palladium catalysed three-component carbonylation - amination - Michael addition cascade CAN J CHEM 83 990-1005, 2005

Grigg RE, Sridharan V, Dondas HA, Clique B, Morris JA, Kilner CA, Cetinkaya B Δ 3-Aryl/heteroaryl substituted heterocycles via sequential Pd-catalysed termolecular cascade/ring closing metathesis (RCM) Tetrahedron 61 10652-10666, 2005

Dondas HA, Fishwick CWG, Gai XJ, Grigg R, Kilner C, Dumrongchai N, Kongkathip B, Kongkathip N, Polysuk C, Sridharan V Stereoselective palladium-catalyzed four-component cascade synthesis of pyrrolidinyl-, pyrazolidinyl-, and isoxazolidinyl isoquinolines ANGEW CHEM INT EDIT 44 7570-7574, 2005

Grigg RE, Sridharan V, Gai X, Rajviroongit S, Songarsa S Synthesis of triazolo- and tetrazolo-tetrahydroisoquinolines and isoquinolines via temperature controlled palladium catalysed allene/azide incorporation/intramolecular 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition cascades Tetrahedron Letters 46 5899-5902, 2005

Grigg RE, Cleghorn L, Cooper IR, MacLachlan WS, Rasparini M, Sridharan V Three-component bimetallic (Pd/In) mediated cascade allylation of C=X functionality: Part 1. Scope and Class 1 examples with aldehydes and ketones Journal of Organometallic Chemistry -, 2003

Grigg RE, Bruyere D, Hinsley J, Hussain RK, Korn S, Orgaz de la Cierva C, Sridharan V, Wang J Highly Regioselective Palladium/Copper-Catalysed Cross Coupling Reactions of Terminal Alkynes and Allenes. Tetrahedron Letters -, 2003

Cleghorn L, Cooper IR, Grigg RE, MacLachlan WS, Sridharan V Additive effects in palladium-indium mediated Barbier type allylations Tetrahedron Letters 44 7969-7973, 2003

Cleghorn L, Cooper IR, Fishwick CWG, Grigg RE, MacLachlan WS, Rasparini M, Sridharan V Three-component bimetallic (Pd/In) mediated cascade allylation of C=X functionality - Part 1. Scope and Class 1 examples with aldehydes and ketones Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 687 483-493, 2003

Gai XJ, Grigg R, Koppen I, Marchbank J, Sridharan V Synthesis of carbo- and heterocycles via a palladium-catalysed allene insertion-nucleophile incorporation-Michael addition cascade TETRAHEDRON LETT 44 7445-7448, 2003

Gai X, Grigg RE, Khamnaen T, Rajviroongit S, Sridharan V, Zhang L, Collard S, Keep A Synthesis of 3-substituted isoindolin-1-ones via a palladium-catalysed 3-component carbonylation/amination/Michael addition process Tetrahedron Letters 44 7441-7443, 2003

Grigg R, Martin W, Morris J, Sridharan V Synthesis of Delta(3)-pyrrolines and Delta(3)-tetrahydropyridines via microwave-accelerated ring-closing metathesis TETRAHEDRON LETT 44 4899-4901, 2003

Fishwick CWG, Grigg R, Sridharan V, Virica J Sequential azomethine imine cycloaddition-palladium catalysed cyclisation processes TETRAHEDRON 59 4451-4468, 2003

Cooper I, Grigg RE, Hardie MJ, MacLachlan WS, Sridharan V, Thomas WA Diastereoselective Pd/In bimetallic inter-intramolecular (class 2) cascade reactions of allenyl-imines and aryl iodides Tetrahedron Letters 44 2283-2285, 2003

Cooper IR, Grigg R, MacLachlan WS, Sridharan V, Thornton-Pett M Diastereo- and regioselective palladium-indium bimetallic cyclisation-Barbier-type allylation cascades TETRAHEDRON LETT 44 403-405, 2003

Bruyere D, Grigg RE, Hinsley J, Hussain RK, Orgaz de la Cierva C, Wang J, Sridharan V, Korn S Highly regioselective palladium/copper-catalysed cross-coupling reactions of terminal alkynes and allenes. Tetrahedron Letters 44 8669-8672, 2003

Grigg RE, Sridharan V, Abirami T Synthesis of novel cyclic alpha-amino esters via 1-pot sequential Petasis reaction/palladium catalysed processes. Tetrahedron Letters 44 -, 2003

Grigg RE, Hodgson A, Morris JA, Sridharan V Sequential Pd/Ru-catalysed allenylation/olefin metathesis/1,3- dipolar cycloaddition route to novel heterocycles Tetrahedron Letters 44 1023-1026, 2003

Grigg R, Savic V, Sridharan V, Terrier C Palladium catalysed queuing processes. Part 4: Termolecular cyclisation-anion capture cascades employing allene as a relay switch and secondary amines as nucleophiles TETRAHEDRON 58 8613-8620, 2002

Aftab T, Grigg R, Ladlow M, Sridharan V, Thornton-Pett M Novel synthesis of fused isoxazolidines via a palladium catalysed allene insertion-intramoleculer 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition cascade reaction. Chem Commun (Camb) 1754-1755, 2002
View abstract

Blaney P, Grigg R, Sridharan V Traceless solid-phase organic synthesis CHEM REV 102 2607-2624, 2002

Grigg RE, Khamnaen T, Rajviroongit S, Sridharan V Synthesis of N-substituted 4-methylene-3,4-dihydro-1(2H)- isoquinolin-1-ones via a palladium-catalysed three-component process Tetrahedron Letters 43 2601-2603, 2002

Grigg R, Sridharan V, Thornton-Pett M, Wang J, Xu J, Zhang J Kinetic acidity of iminium ions. 2-Alkynyl- and 2,5-dialkynylpyrrolidines via the iminium ion route to azomethine ylides TETRAHEDRON 58 2627-2640, 2002

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Grigg RE, Mariani E, Sridharan V Palladium-catalysed in situ zipper generation-cyclisation-anion capture. Synthesis of 3,3-disubstituted indolines and 2,3- dihydrobenzofurans Tetrahedron Letters 42 8677-8680, 2001

Dondas HA, Balme G, Clique B, Grigg RE, Hodgeson A, Morris J, Sridharan V Synthesis of heterocycles via sequential Pd/Ru-catalysed allene insertion-nucleophile incorporation-olefin metathesis Tetrahedron Letters 42 8673-8675, 2001

Dunn PJ, Graham AB, Grigg RE, Higginson P, Sridharan V, Thornton-Pett MA A novel route to substituted 4-methylene-4,5-dihydroisoxazoles mediated by hafnium(IV) chloride Chemical Communications 1968-1969, 2001

Grigg R, Jones MF, McTiernan M, Sridharan V Sequential decarboxylative azomethine ylide cycloaddition-palladium catalysed hydrostannylation-cyclisation-anion capture processes TETRAHEDRON 57 7979-7989, 2001

Gardiner M, Grigg R, Kordes M, Sridharan V, Vicker N One-pot sequential and cascade formation of triazoles via palladium catalysed azide capture-1,3-dipolar cycloaddition TETRAHEDRON 57 7729-7735, 2001

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Grigg RE, MacLachlan WS, McPherson DT, Sridharan V, Suganthan S Palladium catalysed tandem cyclisation-anion capture. Part 8: Cascade hydrostannylation-cyclisation-anion capture and cascade hydroboration - palladium catalysed cyclisation - anion capture on solid phase Tetrahedron 57 10335-10345, 2001

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