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John Plane

Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry
Member of the Atmospheric and Planetary Chemistry group

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Room: G30
Tel: +44 (0)113 3438044


Atmospheric chemistry
Planetary atmospheres
Kinetics and photochemistry
Marine boundary layer

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Research interests

Our research interests span the three branches of atmospheric chemistry: laboratory studies (kinetics and photochemistry), atmospheric measurements, and modelling. Current laboratory-based research includes experimental and theoretical studies of neutral and ion-molecule reactions in the gas phase, uptake on ice surfaces, photo-electric emission from doped low-temperature ice, and the formation of nano-particles by homogeneous nucleation. Atmospheric measurements include the development of differential optical absorption spectroscopy for observing trace species in the troposphere and stratosphere, and rocket-borne and satellite observations of the upper atmosphere. Recent modelling work has focused on topics in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere the meteoric metal layers, noctilucent clouds, the coupling of chemistry with tides and gravity waves, long-term change and aspects of the tropospheric marine boundary layer - the role of nitrate and halogen oxide radicals, and the production of ultra-fine aerosol.

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Selected publications

Read, K. A., A. S. Mahajan, L. J. Carpenter, M. J. Evans, B. V. E. Faria, D. E. Heard, J. R. Hopkins, J. D. Lee, S. J. Moller, A. C. Lewis, L. Mendes, J. B. McQuaid, H. Oetjen, A. Saiz-Lopez, M. J. Pilling, and J. M. C. Plane (2008), Extensive halogen-mediated ozone destruction over the tropical Atlantic Ocean, Nature, 453, 1232-1235

Vondrak, T., J. M. C. Plane, S. L. Broadley, and D. Janches (2008), A chemical model of meteoric ablation, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 8, 7015-7031.

Gomez Martin, J. C., S. H. Ashworth, A. S. Mahajan, and J. M. C. Plane (2009), Photochemistry of OIO: Laboratory study and atmospheric implications. Geophysical Research Letters, 36, Article Number: L09802.

Saunders, R. W., O. Mohler, M. Schnaiter, S. Benz, R. Wagner, H. Saathoff, P. J. Connolly, R. Burgess, B. J. Murray, M. Gallagher, J. M. C. Plane (2010), An aerosol chamber investigation of the heterogeneous ice nucleating potential of refractory nanoparticles, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10, 1227-1247.