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Andrew Nelson

Professor in Nanotoxicology
Member of the Crystallisation and Directed Assembly group

Contact details

Room: 2.03
Tel: +44 (0)113 3436409


Organised phospholipid layers
Surface induced phase transitions
Nanoparticle/membrane interaction
Toxicity sensing

Photograph of Andrew Nelson

Research interests

Biological membranes are critical to a cell's function. Phospholipid bilayers form the backbone to the biomembrane and are held together with the protein enzymes and ion channels in a highly organised state by intermolecular forces of self-assembly. We are able to construct organised artificial membranes composed of phospholipids and other entities and support them in a very stable configuration on a solid and/or liquid surface. We can interrogate the membrane's organisation and function using electrochemical and optical techniques. Interaction of these model membranes with toxic agents and/or nanoparticles disrupts their organisation and modifies the function of the component proteins. These properties are utilised in the development of biologically relevant on-line high throughput toxicity sensors. Current research is funded by the MoD/Dstl, EPSRC, NATO, EU FP7, Royal Society, Leverhulme Trust and Modern Water PLC.

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