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Stefan Auer

Member of the Crystallisation and Directed Assembly group

Contact details

Room: 1.12
Tel: +44 (0)113 3438669


Computational biophysics
Soft matter physics
Statistical mechanics
Biomolecular self-assembly
Phase transitions

Photograph of Stefan Auer

Research interests

My research is focused on the application of theoretical computational tools developed in soft condensed matter physics to investigate the phase behaviour and transitions of complex systems of biomolecules. From a purely statistical mechanical point of view an ensemble of many peptides and proteins represents a new and important system which should lead to bridge our understanding of colloidal systems, polymers, and proteins. Examples of transitions that I investigated include colloidal crystallization and the aggregation of proteins into amyloid fibrils. My long term goal is to understand more generally the nucleation and regulation of normal and aberrant self-assembly in biological systems, and how we can functionalise them as nanomaterials.

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